Hello, I'm Andreea

& I'm

Part passionate marketer

Part creative brain


My multiple personalities don’t exclude each other

Percentages may vary 👇

Andreea who?

An online marketing groupie & lettering newbie, getting excited about every piece of technology, every device, tool or app that I lay my hands on.

Color lover. Photography & design admirer. Avid, continuous learner. WordPress and Illustrator flirter. Coffee flavor enthusiast. Solutions finder. Nature and green grass fan. Sea seeker. Transparent dreamer. Curios world explorer. Off the beaten path traveler. Constant own comfort-zone pusher.

Practicing happiness by crafting, hand-lettering, snowboarding, by enjoying the little things in life and by transforming marketing ideas into reality.

Social media stalking
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Come as you are and let’s be friends

This week I feel...

Coffee drinker

My skills


The Like-a-Swiss-Knife Marketer

My 7 years of experience in online marketing are like a Swiss knife.

I’ve enjoyed mixing and connecting data from multiple channels, from digital campaigns to website content creation, social media, audience engagement and different inbound strategies, to a bit of SEO.

Digital marketing challenges is what I work with best.


The Creative Side

Creating is where I dig my soul in. (Cheesy, indeed!) But really, when you spend three hours creating something and it feels like it's been just twenty minutes, then you know you've found your creative cloud.

No, not the Adobe one, although wasting my time in Lightroom, editing the photos I'm capturing, is one of my favorite pursuits.

Lettering, non-digital illustrations, and photography are my latest raisons d'être.

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